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The popular Extraordinary Joe Cafe was put up for sale in May 2018.  It had been operating in Newtown Toowoomba for several years and was a favourite with many local coffee drinkers.


It was only a matter of days later that a regular customer, Brett, heard the news over his order of poached eggs on sourdough, and immediately  said "I'll buy it.  A hundred times I've said that I like it so much that I want to buy it".

Before Brett could talk to the owners of Extraordinary Joe's Cafe one of the workers, Danielle, said "Would you like to be co-owners?".  The rest, as they say, is history. 

The same staff, the same great coffee, the same goddess of food in the kitchen (Lou),  we kept all of the wonderful ingredients of cafe success the same, but needed a new name.  Danielle had one; New Brew Cafe.  The New has a double meaning; New as in Newtown, and New because we hoped to develop a fresh new soulful attitude in the cafe and to connect with the community. 

Danielle manages the production of the food and coffee, while Brett takes care of the back office and still turns up every day for his breakfast. 

Our goals are:

To produce great food from fresh local ingredients,

To brew amazing coffee every time,

To listen to what our customers want,

To connect with the local community,

and to make life a little bit better for all of us.

Finally, THANK YOU to all of our customers.  The teachers, mums, dads, ambos, chippies, sparkies, firies, Careflight, coppers, uncles and aunties and more. We feel priveleged that you have chosen to come to our little cafe, and trust us to make your day a little better.


Have a really great day

Danielle and Brett

Co-owners of New Brew Cafe 

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